Friday, September 5, 2008

"i have to go. i really need to blog about this."

Please read this ridiculousness before I address it in the rest of this entry.

I really, sincerely hope nobody got paid to put that together. I'm hoping it was some kind of community-outreach program to people who are in sense-of-humor/creativity rehabilitation. There are really three main thoughts I need to address here:

1. Comparing Sarah Palin to every celebrity who has glasses and brown-ish hair? Really, are you serious right now? Maybe I am just taking personal offense to these comparisons because:
A. Many people would say Tina Fey looks like my mom (and I look like my mom-- thank you, genetics.)
B. My former former vice principal thinks I look like Mary McDonnell. But he was talking about Dances with Wolves, so that's maybe just a statement about what humidity does to my hair in the summertime?
C. I am a rabid 30 Rock fan, and Liz Lemon might talk to important people while having lettuce in her hair, but she would never style it that way.

However, I could also just be offended on a basic human level by how unintelligent, unfunny, and uncreative it is.

2. More on the "fantastic creativity" front: Let's compare Barack Obama to every celebrity who is either black or has big ears. As you know, all black men look the same, apparently.

3. Even more comic genius: Let's compare Joe Biden to a bunch of old white guys (and, strangely, Val Kilmer.) Then let's compare John McCain to some even older white guys. Nobody has pointed out that those two are old, white, and male yet.

SERIOUSLY, TMZ? SERIOUSLY? And, yes, I have noticed that TMZ is responsible for the content of my last two entries-- thanks.

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