Friday, July 4, 2008

patriotism = diana and i being ridiculous

So, I made Diana listen to Falco's classic "Rock Me Amadeus" so she would understand why the "Barack Me Obamadeus" bumper sticker is hilarious, and she goes, "What is this song even about?" and I explained it was about the epic battle between Mozart and Salieri. Then I joked that I prefer Salieri because he is Italian, and Diana, knowing it was totally the wrong thing to say but just being funny, said, "Oh... so you hate Jews, then?"

I also just yelled at Diana about the fact that "America is a land of immigrant," so apparently Alex's inability to correctly use articles and pluralize is a communicable disease now.

Another patriotic event: while eating tortilla chips and spinach dip, a combination that sounds horrifying but is actually tasty-tasty, we discovered a chip that was burnt to a crisp and decided to save it for Craig and Sheebs when they come home from the driving range. So we left it on the coffee table next to the chip bag, and the damn dog, Hayley, ate it. So she is now kenneled.

Does anyone know of a good way to see the downtown fireworks without having to go downtown and interact with "the freaks who all come out of the woodwork" (my mother's wording, not my own)? There were so many things wrong with the punctuation of that sentence.

Happy Fourth of July, everybody.

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