Monday, July 14, 2008

i hope we didn't break yet, but i'm glad we broke the rules

Exciting news: The end of my trip to New York City next year coincides with the beginning of Fleet Week. That is the only cool, even remotely Sex and the City type thing that has happened in my typical Midwestern teenage life. I'm also walking the Brooklyn Bridge and seeing South Pacific and beginning to save up money to spend in excessive amounts at the MoMA store. I have mad love for museum gift shops, particularly that one, which is better than most people.

My hands are terrifying and old-woman-ish in the glow of my laptop. Damn.

Today has been a day full of exciting news, actually. My better-than-mediocre AP scores came in the mail and I (finally) received my housing information. Somehow, I was placed into my last-choice dorm, but that's all right. It's all-girls, which I'm a little iffy about because, well, if I wanted to live with 100-some other girls, I'd go to one of those sorority-intense Southern colleges and focus on nothing but pledging for the next however-many-months. But the rooms are at the larger end of the freshman dorm scale, and I have (I think) a corner room on the (I know) top floor. And I've heard good things from people who lived there in the past. And, you know, worst-case scenario, if it's totally horrific I thank God for retroactive credits once again and transfer into sophomore housing second semester. But I think it will be fine.

Elly's graduation party was an absolute blast last night, and not just because Diana and I couldn't stop laughing about the creepy old DJ (who Perko and I controlled with our minds) creepin' on Alex.

Brigid: I'm on the waitlist for my Spanish class.
Alex: Wait-- you're not taking Puerto Rican anymore?
Me: She was going to take Portuguese, Al. Not Puerto Rican.
Alex: Ohhhh yeah.

Somehow, despite that conversation, an attempt was made to explain sailing to Alex.

"There are red buoys and green buoys."
"Stop and go!"
"No. Left and right."

"How do they know when to start?"
"They fire a gun into the air."
"And then at the end, if you don't win, they shoot you!"

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Brigid said...

i think i need to take alex out in the sailboat so she can visualize.