Sunday, July 13, 2008

a truly epic night in the lives of alex and kellie

Last night I was parentless and Alex came over to part-ay it up. And by "part-ay it up", I mean that we acted ridiculous without any chemical assistance, listened to horrible music, and cruised around DePere.

First we went so Alex could get Little Caesar's and to hit up Kwik Trip for our respectively-sized Buddies. At which point Al realized she couldn't find her brand-new credit card. It had fallen underneath her seat, but that didn't stop her from having a minor panic and saying things like, "Oh my god! Did I even HAVE a credit card or did I just imagine it?!"

That was not Alex's most exciting panic of the night, however. After watching a lot of ridiculous YouTube videos and discussing her family's horse situation, she wanted to go to Hollywood Video to rent South Park against my will. First of all, we definitely spotted a growhouse on the way home, which was greatly amusing.

Again! Not the most exciting legal event of the night! The DePere police department was out in full force, and the kindly soul who pulled me over for "failure to yield while making a left-hand turn" last summer pulled Alex over and let her off with a warning for having her lights off. After we went through the roundabout... dancing... to "Livin' la Vida Loca" at top volume. It was hilarious. We wish Diana would have been there, but Diana would have nervous-giggled her ass off, so it probably wouldn't have been beneficial.

Me: Can you imagine how pissed Tim would be if you actually got a ticket?
Alex: Um... yeah. It would be like Tourette's Guy.

I'm watching season three of Project Runway, and, dear God, is Laura Bennett kick-ass. I would want to be her if I had any artistic skill at all.

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