Tuesday, June 3, 2008

you know where i'll be found when i come around

I am in such a traveling mood. First, D-Money and I had the brilliant idea to use my voucher to go to New York City this month but then Midwest had its head up its ass, so that's not going to work out. But we may have formulated an even better Spring Break idea for myself. And now I am looking at all the study abroad options for SNC, basically because I need new bookstores to shop at since Barnes and Noble is getting old, and I need a new selection of white sweaters at my disposal. However, I just realized that I don't want to do this if the dollar is still slowly disentegrating. Which also led me to realize my desire to study abroad has absolutely nothing to do with academics.

Sports Center, why are you always playing heartbreaking stories about deceased coaches/teammates that are always making me tear up a little bit? Also, I'm not even really an athletic person, so why are these stories making me tear up?

D-Money is reading Freakonomics, which reminded me of how much I adore that book. Seriously, it is out-of-control good and I am in complete and total love with it. You should read it if you haven't, because you also will want to steal that man's brain.

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