Friday, June 20, 2008

this is your last line of defense

To make yesterday even better, my beautiful lime green laptop shipped!

And Elly and I had two shifts of serious bonding time, one with Amers and Sheebs and the other with D and Milo and So you Think you Can Dance?. Milo, the fattest, dog-est, noisiest cat in the world, adores Elly even more than he adores me. And he likes me a lot and is constantly rubbing his scent glands on me and playing with my hair. He fell asleep on top of her last night while we were watching collegiate track on some random channel.

And I was also helping D with her class scheduling so she doesn't feel dumb at orientation next week. These things stress her out and I really enjoy them, so I do them in exchange for nothing more than her hilarious comments.

Me: I hate my speaking voice. It's unpleasant.
Diana: I like your speaking voice. You sound like a Valley Girl.
(Often true, but what kind of a compliment is that? Seriously?)

"Um... why does our head psychologist's Bachelor's come from the State U of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry?"

Me: "Associate vice chancellor"... So if the vice chancellor dies, you get their job? You do all the busy work that the chancellor's job entails that the vice chancellor can't get to?
D: I just think that sounds like something out of Star Trek.

I think today and this weekend are going to be kind of fabulous also. If my laptop had shipped just a few days earlier, I would be able to update this weekend, but I can't, so it might be a few days before you hear from me.

And now I'm going to make Sheebs some playlists on her iTunes because I'm a good daughter.

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