Thursday, June 5, 2008

so for the rest of my life, i'm gonna search for someone just like you

So, last night, Diana and I discovered a new modeling/makeover/fashion television program of ridiculous entitled She's Got the Look, and it was fantastically weird.

First of all, I must address that "celebrity stylist" Robert Verdi is one of the judges. Robert Verdi cannot style himself, and, secondarily, I'm pretty sure that title is just a straight-up lie. He wore a blazer that made me very sad last night, which is a statement to its true hideousness because the very idea of a blazer makes me happy.

Anyway, the concept of this show is that it is a modeling competition for women over 35. Since all but, like, two of them appear to be under 35 anyway, I'm not really sure how well the concept is satisfied.

There are many colorful characters on this show. First, there was the woman who Diana and I totally pegged as being a Stepford Wife, but then it turned out she was actually kind of wild and could belly-dance. There is one who has brown hair and reminds us of, essentially, every 38-to-45-year-old woman we know. One is from France and has a ridiculously symmetrical face that Diana and I, with our lop-sidedness, envy greatly. There was one who Diana referred to as "a kleptomanic pedophile" who did not make it through to the final ten. The most mind-blowing, however, is a woman who is exactly like Marvita from the last season of America's Next Top Model. We spent the entire hour of the episode waiting for her to say she was "hella juiced", but were let down.

Judging from the previews, next week seems to be makeovers, which everyone knows is always the best episode of any sort of televised modeling competition. To add an extra element of bizarre, this show is on TV Land, and I'm telling you that so you can watch it. Sometimes, commercials for Dyson vacuums come on and Diana gets all up in my personal space telling me about how awesome and beautiful the new Dysons are and how badly she wants them, but that's just our personal problem.

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