Sunday, June 8, 2008

carry on, my wayward son

Well, this is truthfully just a short pause from my intense reading of the new David Sedaris book, but I feel I just need to take a moment to be a hundred and fifty years old and discuss the weather.

It is incredibly humid out, and, as someone with a massive amount of curly hair, I completely resent this. My hair is massive and frizzy and no amount of smoothing milk can rescue it. Not only does my hair stick out and frizz, my dog's fur is sticking out at all angles as a result of this intense humidity.

Oh, and why is it so humid, you may wonder? Because it is raining, intensely raining, and looks as though it is going to rain for days on end. One of my favorite things about summer is nighttime thunderstorms, but not in this intensity and frequency. And the tornadoes that were touching down all over the surrounding regions of Madison, where I was, yesterday were not really fun or pleasant at all.

Anyway, the good news is, I still really enjoy the rain even though it makes me feel highly un-summery. And my clicky funny formerly broken elbow has not burned at all throughout all this, since the low air pressure has remained pretty consistent. And I have the new David Sedaris book, so really, I would just be reading it outside anyway.

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