Monday, June 16, 2008

reading rainbow

"Look, it's the token black guy!" -Diana on LeVar Burton

(Montage of ethnically diverse children.)
"The one white kid would be an Aryan."
"The one white kid would be talking about fuckin' monkeys."
"Future AIDS spreader."
"He wasn't literally talking about sex with monkeys."

"He can bust a move, but he can't clog."

"Why are her pants so short? And why is her ass so long? Where's the flood, lady?"
"In the entire southern portion of the state. Way to be timely."

"He's not a boy!"

"I wouldn't want her to kick up her skirt much higher... wouldn't want to see her poonani there."

Inbred lady explaining clogging: It's not tapdancing.
Diana: It looks a hell of a lot like tapdancing to me.

"Why are all these people inbred?!"

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