Sunday, June 15, 2008

a feminist debate between diana and kellie

So, for the longest time, Diana thought that the little ditty went "there's a hole in my pocket, dear Liza, dear Liza" instead of the hole being in the bucket, as normal people know is true. Now she is trying to argue that the "pocket" version is the appropriately feminist version, because then the song implies that men and women should partake equally in sewing work. Which is true, they should partake equally.

However, she argued that the original version implies that Liza feels incapable of fixing the bucket due to her womanhood. But I always thought the general idea of the song was, "Damn it, Henry, quit bitching to me and fix your own damn bucket and go to hell," which is a pretty strong message. I'm not really sure where in the song she says, "Oh, Henry, I would love to fix your bucket. If only I had testicles."

Anyway, you wish you had crazy friends like Diana and I, who fight about potential feminism in songs which are clearly nonsense and have no real subject manner. Actually, you not only wish your friends were this cool, you wish your SELF was this cool. Oh yes.

I'm going to go moisturize and read Breakfast of Champions now. Enjoy your early Monday morning.

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