Friday, June 13, 2008

my aim is true

My iPod basically shit itself about an hour ago. That was awesome. Finally I figured out how to put it in disk mode so it would stop seizing and I could return it to factory settings, and now it's taking forever to load all my music back on. That's so comforting. Just another chapter in my love/hate relationship with technology.

Anyway. Last night I went to see Sex and the City, which was much like the show itself: kind of cute and funny and kind of dumb. I can never figure out if I like that show or not (mostly because I find Samantha incredibly annoying and she has a shiteous wardrobe that only amplifies this opinion), and I generally thought my feelings on the movie were more positive than my feelings on the show. I'm definitely Miranda, though. We even have the same laptop. Well, we will as of mid-July. That said, Diana and I thought this movie had a stupid and unsatisfying ending.

So, last summer, there were these two gophers who lived on Riverside and my mom would see them every morning on her way to work. And then it got cold and they were gone for a while but, in great excitement, they are back now! This is so good. Also, why do all my exotic animal experiences take place in/near downtown Green Bay? They do not live far from the place where I nearly hit a peacock.

I just filled out my medical history form for school. I have been watching a lot of House this week and so my medical history makes me feel pretty good about my general health. Mild asthma, chicken pox at age 4, a set of allergies I probably share with 60% of the other people who have allergies? Now I'm going to go assure them I've never come in contact with good old TB.

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Anonymous said...

the message i took from sex and the city was 'bros before hoes.' except you know, the girl version.