Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i'm a modern girl but i fold in half so easily

Today was highly unproductive due to the addition of a new laptop into my life. I seem to be incapable of doing anything but looking at websites, futzing with iTunes, and playing Mahjong Titans (a benefit of Windows Vista.)

Actually, that is a lie. I painted my nails sparkly black for no apparent reason and watched last night's DVRed episode of House and went to the SNC Bookstore to stock up for next semester. And stock up I did. I figured being an English major involved an obscene/offensive/ridiculous number of books and thought my estimation would be dramatic, but it was actually an under-shot. It was a crazy number. Even worse, the girl working at the bookstore had to write my receipt out by hand. I felt horrible about that, and my mind is still a bit blown from this experience. And I'm fairly sure I walked around the bookstore spewing borderline offensive verbalizations of my surprise.

Diana and I are texting back and forth while she is at her Orientation. She finally has a real dorm room, not youth-hostel style overflow housing. I am happy for her but also sad at the loss of possible entertainment from Diana, who loves cleanliness, being stuck with a dozen or so sloppy kids.

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