Tuesday, May 13, 2008

when you forget how to talk, i sing

Open questions for my computer:
1. Why do important things I need for school that I do not have backup copies of taste so damn good to you and your insatiable appetite?
2. What happened to your spell-check feature?!
3. When am I getting my laptop which is so much nicer than you?!?!

Open questions for the people with whom I share a home:
1. Who the hell killed that enormous winged insect and then left it in the bottom of the sink?
2. Is it really that hard to get a new roll of toilet paper when you use the end of the current one?

Anyway, all things considered, I am actually pretty chill about all this, even though I have to rewrite everything I previously had written about No Child Left Behind. Blurgh. I'm going to go read books and be a big nerd now.

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