Wednesday, May 14, 2008

the more you change, the less you feel

Today, the freshmen put a hole in the ceiling of the science wing. This story was summed up for our physics class in two sentences: "Yeah, the freshmen put a hole in the ceiling, because none of us were in our classrooms this morning. I guess they get all rowdy when they're unsupervised."

Speaking of freshman-ness, Anna and I are pumped to be freshmen, and our conversations about how badly we want college are maybe the best thing going right now. Also, Anna's bold comments about certain other people always make my day, and these conversations are full of those.

Anyway, you know what amazes me? How unaware people really can be. It makes me wonder if I am that unaware of my social surroundings. Then I remember that I am hyper-observant and could use a little less social analysis in my brain. However, it still makes me concerned that my actions and the actions of others who I understand quite well can be so easily misconstrued when they are actually so unbelievably obvious.

This entry is so serious. So I'm going to tell you about Alex's twenty-slide Power Point presentation she has to make for Computer Literacy and Applications. Although she eventually decided upon "There's No Wrong Way to Eat a Reese's", there were many entertaining suggestions leading up to it, including:
-Top 20 Jim Halpert Pranks
-Candies That Never Should Have Been Made ("Nerds Rope is totally just candy-covered tapeworm.")
-People who Never Should Have Been Born
-Ugliest People/Animals/Dogs
-20 Different Slang Terms for Semen
-Urban Dictionary... With Pictures

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