Tuesday, May 13, 2008

all i want is inner peace

So, the three-to-five minute speech I have to audition with tomorrow is actually only 2 minutes and 20 seconds long... Oops. (Although I would have made it longer if I played by everyone else's rules and used the deadline as a mere suggestion, blarg.) I also have to write two speeches for my presidential campaign to present tomorrow in poli sci. All that "this week has to be better than the last" bullshit is swimming down the drain pretty quickly. I hate public speaking because I really prefer just babbling about whatever my mind compels me to babble about. As I do in this blog.

Lolita is a really good book. If you are like me and enjoy thinking about the way crazy people's minds work, you'd probably enjoy this a lot. It is a little stream-of-consciousness-y at times, but I hardly notice because I am reading Intruder in the Dust, aka William Faulkner's Unfiltered Thoughts on Race Relations with a Little Bit of Plot Thrown In, for English class right now. Enjoying it, but, still, it's not an overwhelmingly simple book to read.

This weekend is my accidental bonus weekend with my mom. We're pretty excited. And I'm really only writing this to remind myself to rent The Savages this weekend because I keep forgetting. This is also good news because my brother bought Mario Kart for the Wii this weekend. It is really sweet. Unfortunately, I am truly awful at driving my little Mario Kart vehicle using the Wii remote. Like, worse than I am at most video games, which is really bad to begin with, so yeah.

Today I skipped French class to hang out with my favorite counselor in Student Services, who advised me on many things, like what random-ass electives I should take at SNC, and that I need to find a way to make money off this blog. Unfortunately, I picked a terrible day to skip French, because it was not our usual nothing but rather one of the epic debates we have approximately once a month. Damn.

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