Monday, May 12, 2008

indeed. this is bad-ass.

It turns out I actually don't have very much to say about prom. Except that it does sadden me that I had such a lame senior prom, even though I know I will be over that in about a week. Plus, Julie told me all about how she was incredibly sick during one of her class reunions and cried because of it and had to leave, so that made me feel better about being such an emotional whiny lame-ass. Since when do I have feelings? I don't like this new development, and I hope it wraps itself up soon.

Today I went to the library to pick up a copy of Lolita because Natasha and I are starting a Russian Literature Book Club because we are cool that way. Anyway, one of my neighbors at my dad's house was my librarian, which was pleasant until she goes, "So, are you with your mom or your dad tonight?" Please note I haven't had a real conversation with this woman for about three years, long before my parents were ever divorced. Please also note how freaking awkward of a conversational interlude that is. Couldn't you ask me how school is going or what I want to be when I grow up or something normal and boring like that?

Anyway. The Russian Lit Book Club is actually part of the summer project that I am commencing now that I took AP exams and now that I know I totally owned my English research paper. This project is called Summer Reading, my favorite thing of all time, and you all need to help me compile a list that is going to make me a sweet English major next year. So comment with books you think I should read. This is such a huge project that Mrs. Brown is e-mailing me a list of all the recommendable books she's read in the past year; that is how awesome and broad in scope it is.

Speaking of that English paper, I got the most ridiculous feedback ever. "Interesting topic"? "Interesting content"?! Are you kidding me? "Excellent title"? Um, no. "Perfect outline"? That is not actually a necessary thing to comment on. Oh, Gilsdorf, I will miss your crazy so much next year, and also be eternally grateful for the fantastically grad-school worthy GPA with which your class has allowed me to begin college.

Anyway, clearly this return to nerdiness marks a sharp increase in my health. I should probably leave you with a crazy Sheebs thought, so here you go: "I shouldn't think and talk at the same time. I am too stupid to do two things at once."

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