Sunday, May 18, 2008

there is nothing that competes with anger

So, this was a ridiculous weekend. I know I say that about every weekend, but, truly, this might be the crowning one. I think if I tell you that we played Marry/Bang/Kill and that one of the rounds was "T. rex, triceratops, pterodactyl", that will help you understand. Also, the fact that during that round, "I would definitely want to bang a velociraptor out of all the dinosaurs." "I would want to bang a brontosaurus... They're big." was a not-even-close-to-serious conversation that took place. My friends and I don't drink either, ergo, we have no excuse for this kind of behavior.

I finished Lolita and now I'm moving on to Reading Lolita in Tehran, just because it felt appropriate, and I'm telling you all to read it. I've only been reading it for 20 minutes and I'm already loving it. Maybe I just like it because it confirms my desire to do nothing but "read and write and talk about reading and writing for the rest of my life," as I described my goals to Diana when we were swinging in public parks at unsavory hours on Saturday night. I just feel like it's coming at the right time, when this part of my life is shutting itself down and I'm preparing myself to begin the rest of it. Wow, deep philosophical thought, Kel.

Speaking of deep philosophical thoughts, Aimee Mann voices all of mine so well. I guess I've moved on from the 90s alterna-rock, then.

Anyway, The Office finale was completely amazing on so many levels. It may have even made up for the inconsistency of this season. And DVR is bad news bears for me because it has made me addicted to so many TV shows I never had the time to watch before, and that is a problem. But I am now in love with House, only after everyone told me I need to start watching it 450 different times. I have decided that my ideal husband is a cross between Wilson and Atticus Finch. How awesome would that be?

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Brigid said...

totally with you on the wilson/atticus.

also, reading lolita in tehran ONLY GETS BETTER.

call me, i have a story for you. i promise i am not moody right now.