Monday, May 19, 2008

tell her that i just can't go on

So, I am currently making my list of things I need before I go to college. And because certain individuals--Sheebs, I am looking at you with my keyboard instead of my eyes--get all pissed off when all I put on wish lists are books and sweaters, I went on the SNC website to figure out what I might need that I am forgetting and had some moments of great entertainment in the process.

-There is an entire section of the student handbook about how pepper spray is not "for play." With "play" in quotation marks. Really, because I think pepper spray fights are a grand idea; I don't know about you. This reminds me of the sign that said Service Station "Warning" and was all about not smoking near gasoline pumps. Because spontaneous combustion is secretly just a really funny joke?

-The "what to bring" list includes "identification." If you can't figure out to bring ID with you when you go to college, you're probably not cut out for life away from your parents.

-"Do NOT bring: aquariums larger than 10 gal." No aquariums, period, seems like a way better rule.

Different topic. My political science presidential campaign imploded on itself a little bit today. Oh, well. I will just point out that I am not fit for any sort of candidacy for two reasons:
1. I have an awful speaking voice. I don't know how anyone tolerates it.
2. I constantly fidget. And it's not that I'm an overly anxious person. But maybe I have to constantly jiggle my foot and push my hair behind my ears and rip my cuticles away from my nail beds and crack my knuckles so that I can stay relaxed.

On Saturday, Diana and Alex and I were talking about what we wish our super-powers could be.
Me: I would want to be invisible and be able to go through walls and discover confidential information. Or, even better, I wish I could look at someone and instantly know their life story. That would be so awesome.
Alex: That would be sweet. I would want people to look at me and see me doing stupid stuff but still know that I am, like... a human and that I have friends.
Diana: So your super-power would be to have other people watch you?

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