Tuesday, May 20, 2008

because you never show it, you always get your way.

This day has so many perfect examples of the lengths I am willing to take to avoid any post-graduation encounters with anything I didn't like about high school.

Today my nails went deranged and all started falling off and being all hangnail-y. Which was fine, because I thought I had a nail file, but then I didn't. When I was at my grandparents' house, trying not to develop an ulcer during the course of the short political debate my grandfather and I had, I decided that my grandmother would probably have a nail file. She did give me one, only it's one of the old-style metal kind (it used to belong to one of my deceased relatives, apparently) and it is not very effective and leaves behind a slight blue tint. Oh, well. I suppose this is made up for with her story about how she ate six peanut butter cookies yesterday.

In other family news, my brother asked me to proofread his English paper today, then got pissed when I explained that he had to completely restructure it. I explained in great detail how he should do this, and it's really just a lot of cut-and-paste, so it wasn't like I said, "This is shitty, fix it" and left him high and dry. So I'm not really sure what part of getting an A he's all pissed off about, as his content is good and he really just needs to refocus it, then rein in the random-ass comma usage.

Last night, Alex, Brigid, Vicky, and I went to the lacrosse game. Vicky has a freshly-broken arm and so her blood consisted largely of Vicodin, which led to much hilarity. It was senior parents' night, so as all the parents walked off the bleachers to join their kids on the field, she yelled, "HEY, senior parents!" And they all looked up at her, so she goes, in a far more shy yell, "I probably know your kid!"

Why am I such a sucker for music with violins in the background? I keep listening to Coldplay's new song, "Viva la Vida," on repeat, probably because it reminds me of one of the numerous other songs with violins that I love. The classic example of this would probably have to be "Bittersweet Symphony" by the Verve, but, more recently, "Any Other World" by Mika (and the fact that I kept playing its introduction repeatedly) also exemplifies this well. Maybe someday I can force one of my children into studying the violin.

Here is a classic moment from political science class in the journalism lab, which has a door that leads to the library. Schultz is sitting at the teacher-desk and we are discussing William McKinley and how pissed he is at Alex for not knowing that Polk and Coolidge were presidents. Anyway, Cody, an incredibly notable character in the class of 2008, is lurking in the glass pane of the door without blinking and with his mouth wide open.
Me: Schultz, Cody is creeping in the door behind you.
Schultz: Well, I would not expect anything less.
Cody comes into the room with no clear objective, and he is wearing some kind of jersey that reads "Kewaunee" on it despite the fact that it is college shirt day.
Jake: Cody, Kewaunee is not a college.
Schultz: Yes, it is. It's an extension school. UW-Kewaunee, your credits will transfer to any four-year UW! Oh, wait, maybe it's a charter school. (Laughs at his own jokes, per usual, then suddenly, all sternly:) Cody, get out of here.

Speaking of crazy man stories... tonight I went to put gas in my car and the guy at the pump next to me was obviously positioning himself so that his muscles were flexed while he was waiting for his tank to fill and I laughed for quite some time after he drove away.

All the transitions between paragraphs in this entry are completely and totally not real.

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Brigid said...

oh my god, alex and the presidents.

"okay, so, fuck-marry-kill: madison, polk--"

"who's that?"