Thursday, May 22, 2008

it's you, why's it always you?

So, I really enjoy the Facebook Bumper Sticker application, if only because Diana's choice of stickers clearly depict our deep understanding of each other's insanity. Although I lost my "I purposely create awkward moments because I think it's funny" one, and that is sad, because that is truly the hallmark of my personality. I would say the same for Alex, but I need to stop being pissed off at her for beating me to all the ones I was going to send her first.

Last night was devoured by Wii Fit and a Jon and Kate Plus Eight marathon. This is the sad, sad life of a second-semester senior who has very few actual exams, and I feel as though I must cover each in a separate paragraph, because, well, theme statements, paragraphs, I'm writing this instead of my paper on innocence and experience in The Tempest, whatever whatever. (And, honestly, I have the whole thing outlined so now I really just have to find other people's words to supplement this, and I still have a week to do that, so... leave it alone.)

First of all, Wii Fit is really fun and it lets you do yoga. However, it is also kind of critical of me. It loves to tell me to stop fidgeting and once asked if I had a small dog on the balance board with me and told me that if I did, I should hold it and move it to a different locality. It also loves telling me how weak my muscles are, and the scale is obviously incorrect because it thinks I weigh 58 pounds and have a BMI of 10.4. Obviously false. But it is the kind of video game that makes me feel less bad about things like... having pasta and smores-flavored Chewy bars for after-school snacks.

Anyway, I have never really watched Jon and Kate Plus Eight before, but that did not stop me from watching many, many episodes of it last night. Those kids are hilarious. I think it's also good that there are eight of them, because it prevents any desire I would have to steal them. And, because I didn't want to stay up all night watching it, I made my mom get out of bed to put two more hours of it on the DVR, so I get to watch it again tonight. Score.

How creepy of a stress ball is this? Admittedly, I have my fear-of-marine-life thing going on, but, still, this is creepy, right?
It gets even weirder when you squeeze it. And you can only get one eye to inflate at a time, in case you were wondering. I don't even know.

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