Saturday, May 24, 2008

"maybe it was just me."

Last night, Anya got to experience the fun that is Friday night DVR-cleaning with my family and discovered that we make the weirdest comments ever. We watched the American Idol finale, and, wow, did we give Donna Summer's weave the run-around.
Me: It really looks like something died on her head.
Anya: I want to jump through the TV and brush her bangs. Did she sleep in it?
Sheebs: She looks like she's still asleep! I want to jump through the TV and open her eyelids!
Craig: Did you guys see George Michael and Ryan Seacrest? (This was, like, 75% of his comments for the night. And then the gay-vibes were totally all in his head.)

Friday was my last real, non-exam day of high school, and it pretty much went down exactly as you'd expect it to. Crackin' some Republican skulls, minor misdemeanors sanctioned by the administration, carbo-loading and disappointing mashed potatoes, making obscene hand gestures at Megan, random conversations, busy work, being so ready for college. I'm not too sad, as I'm fairly certain that I can continue the parts of that description that bring me enjoyment throughout the course of my life.

You know what I'm almost as excited for as I am for college? The release of the new David Sedaris book. June 3rd!!! That is so exciting that I used excessive exclamation points, and I don't think I've done that in years.

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