Sunday, April 20, 2008

would it be all right if we just sat and talked for a little while?

So, I am finally finished with my English research paper! 2,516 words. Truly expending myself over that 2,500 word minimum there. It is not a very exciting choice of topic, I should have gone with malaria or crucifixion or something Crucible-related like everyone else. I'm not being sarcastic.

Cabaret Night was a lot of fun last night. The Comedy City improv games were enormously entertaining, and the art show was amazing, especially Kassie's installation piece which inspired some entertaining discussions about abortion, Christmas, adoption, China v. America, religion, and the like. I'm glad I said "and the like" as though those things all fit into one coherent category and you could definitely imagine more things that fit in that category.

Speaking of religion, church was also good today, although mildly disappointing because no small children wanted their First Communion cigars blessed. My favorite thing about my weirdly-shaped church is my corner of it, where the same enjoyable people always sit. Before mass, they ask, by section, if there are any visitors. We never have any visitors, but they always ask, and we all just sit there with our arms crossed.

Actually, the same people do not always sit there. Because I have a revolving door of parents. So it's usually Sheebs and Craiganator but sometimes it is just Sheebs and every once in a while, like this weekend, it is Trixie firecracker. Which is why people sometimes say, "Say hi to your parents for me. Even the one I thought was your younger brother." Shit like that always cracks me up. You heard it here first: divorced parents = all comedy, all the time.

All the Juno viewing I've been doing this week also makes me which I had a fourth parent, and that parent is definitely Bren. I love her dearly. "I think that kids get bored and have intercourse."


Anonymous said...

dude, where is father jim? why so much father sal? it's making me crazy.

Anonymous said...

Father Jim is visiting the Pope! He didn't say 10:00 last Sunday, either, but he was there to bless the First Communion schmutz... I don't even know.