Saturday, April 19, 2008

how am i supposed to pretend to never want to see you again?

Today has been such a pleasant day. I am in a fantastic mood. It's (scarcely) warm enough to be considered sweater-and-dress-and-sandals weather, I cleaned the kitchen, all the windows are open so the house isn't so damn stuffy, I've done ten Sudokus and put 75 new songs on my iPod, and they're playing that season of Top Model that never runs on MTV! It's like the perfect storm.

Also enjoying the weather is the menagerie of animals that has congregated in the backyard. No peacocks, since I've apparently lost my gift for attracting them. But we do have two morbidly obese rabbits that will probably unleash a pack of smaller rabbits in our yard within the next few days. The best thing, though, are these mentally damaged squirrels we have. Nobody can figure out what is wrong with them. But they play this game where they leap at least one foot in the air, land on their backs, wriggle around for a while, and then repeat the cycle. It's kind of awesome.

The Office was vast improvement this week, thank God.

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