Friday, April 18, 2008

she said, i don't know if i've ever been good enough

Well, since board games seem to dominate my psyche lately, have any of you ever played Rummikub? That is one sweet game. Even if you're not a member of AARP as most players are, you should look into it.

Things that have amazed me today: my ability to distance myself from things, my ability to laugh at things that clearly are not funny, the fact that there is a small cut-out of Barney on the shelf in this room, the one picture that is on my digital camera (Megan, in French class, holding the crazy 70s French hotel room Bibles that we regularly are forced to read), the things people say in general. So, really, a normal day with a picture of Megan kissing a Bible and a Barney cutout thrown in.

So, there have been some requests for me to describe the ridiculous that is 7th hour College Credit English. This class is taught by Fr. Gilsdorf, who is enormously sarcastic and hilarious, a Green Bay legend, and a very quiet talker. Therefore, when it came time to select seats, Molly, Bet, and I chose seats in the front row. This ensured that we would be the only three people Fr. Gilsdorf ever spoke to (except when Molly left at semester to be in Creative Writing... her new CCEnglish class forgets about her.) That last sentence ends in a preposition, oh well.

The most notable event of 7th hour CCE has been the regular epic showdowns between Fr. Gilsdorf in Reed, in which mostly Reed just gets picked on. Again, that last sentence ends in a preposition. Fr. Gilsdorf says things to him, such as, "You need to learn how to train yourself," in reference to his regular bathroom breaks, and, "I would not want to be on your football team," in reference to his underprepared-ness. He also had a new hobby last week called "making Kellie read because it's funny that she gets annoyed whenever Milton writes something sexist which is all the time," but luckily now other people volunteer to read.

I would record all the epic/insane things Fr. Gilsdorf says, but there are just so many and they've been quite well-documented by generations past. Also, I think many of the people reading this are in CCEnglish, and he says just about the same thing every hour.

It is even better than last year's Vicky/Kellie/Megan English class with the rotating door of teachers, for which requests have also been made. That included events such as "This worksheet is deceiving." "Well... your MOM is deceiving!", "I DON'T bite my PENS!", and me shouting "SHIT!" in the middle of announcements because I realized I'd left my lights on. This is just scratching the surface. There was a lot of shouting in that class, clearly.

Anyway, I'm going now. I have a migraine, and I picture it as some kind of demon in my head that is punching my ocular nerves from the inside. It needs to stop.

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