Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i laugh until my head comes off

"Idioteque" by Radiohead makes me really sad. A song with that much techno influence should not be so depressing.

I have cabin fever. It is basically official. I want summer more than I wanted anything in my life, except for college. And since mix CDs heal everything, I made myself a sweet mix CD to cure this disease. Do you want to see the tracklist? No? Well, suck it up. I have no real thoughts and I need to clean my room soon, so this is all the brilliant thought from me you'll get today.

1. The Shins- Sleeping Lessons. This song begins totally creepily and it is a great mix CD starter thanks to the way the way the volume and tempo increase into a totally awesome guitar riff!
Also, I pretty much put the Shins on every mix CD, since they own me.

2. Dr. Dog- Old News. If the beat of this song doesn't make you feel better, you make me sad.

3. Death Cab for Cutie- A Movie Script Ending. I imagine that this is what my life would have been like if I had gone 450 miles away for college like I initially wanted to. Oh well.

4. Kate Nash- Foundations. I just really enjoy singing along to this song. It is one of my ringtones, and sometimes I sing along to it as a ringtone without caring about how dorky a behavior that may be.

5. Hot Hot Heat- Goodnight Goodnight. Think about how many people that song would apply to if I were actually a confrontational person.

6. No Doubt- Bathwater. I miss old-school No Doubt. They remind me of summers when I was but a wee child.

7. Vampire Weekend- A-Punk. Yeah, I know, everyone likes Vampire Weekend and all the hipsters liked it before me. I don't care. They are sweet and their music makes me want to dance.

8. The Format- Oceans. This song is summer.

9. The Church- Under the Milky Way. One of my favorite 80s songs, and one nobody has ever heard of, but it was played in Donnie Darko, which is an awesome movie. I watched it many times last summer out of sheer desire to figure it out, and I think I actually might have. Plus, it's twisted and funny. Watch it. Yes, the hipsters beat me to it on this one, too.

10. Brand New- The Archer's Bows are Broken. If you want to rock out to statements about the separation of church and state, this song is for you.

11. The Doors- Touch Me. Alex and I listened to nothing but the School of Rock soundtrack for an entire summer. We had the words to Stevie Nicks's "Edge of Seventeen" all wrong.

12. The Decemberists- O Valencia. This song is kind of like West Side Story, but better. It is the boppiest song about blatant carnage I have ever heard. The Decemberists are a fantastically geeky band and I will never stop loving them.

13. OK Go- A Million Ways. OK Go is sweet beyond reason, because they wrote a song that totally encapsulates my stone-cold foxy personality.

14. Feist- I Feel It All. Really, though, this song actually describes me pretty well.

15. Panic! at the Disco- When the Day Met the Night. I just like belting the word "summer." If you saw me driving to school in the morning, you would be shocked at how cool I am.

16. Vampire Weekend- Campus. Well, my career ambition is mainly to be known as a "cruel professor", so it's only fitting to put this on a mix CD.

17. Coconut Records- West Coast. Brigid put this on a mix CD for me at the begining of 2008 and I think I've been listening to it constantly since. Jason Schwartzman is in this band. I like him because he was Louis XVI in Marie Antoinette, which is only a moderately decent movie, but once we were forced to view a docudrama about the French Revolution in which they referred to Louis XVI as "a painfully inadequate schlub." Megan and I are still laughing about that one.

18. Rooney- When Did Your Heart Go Missing? Who doesn't want to dance to this song? Remember that obnoxious episode of The OC where everyone said "Rooney" every other word?

19. Belle and Sebastian- Expectations (Remastered.) Well, because I clearly must reference a movie when I talk about 1/3 of these songs, I should probably tell you that this song is from the soundtrack of Juno.

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Anonymous said...

i freaking love kate nash's "foundations." it's so ridiculously addicting.