Thursday, April 24, 2008

a thousand different versions of yourself

The more I read Are Men Necessary?, the less I want to be Maureen Dowd and the more I realize I already could be her younger sister. There are some disturbing similarities going here, and not just pissing off Republicans on a regular basis. Although this realization makes me feel much better about going to a Catholic college in my hometown as an English major, as she did the same.

Anyway, I'm sure she also probably was voted Best Writer and Most Sarcastic in her high school class, too, if they had such things. I hope I get some kind of coronation ceremony for that; we really like those at Notre Dame. When I told my mom, she teared up in dead seriousness and said that my title of Most Sarcastic confirms her belief that she didn't totally screw me up as a human being with her parenting. My family has a strange, strange set of values.

French class has been quite entertaining this week because Natasha is back to the crazy that she was during freshman and sophomore year, before Max Fetus, and then Max Baby, sucked it all out of her. She is already jealous of my future educators of next year and afraid that I will like them better than her and forget all about her. Please note that she teaches night classes at the fine institution I'll be attending next year and I have no doubt that she will just pop in to see me at random intervals. Oh, French. You have taught me nothing this year, but that is okay anyway.

Anyway, I thought that AP exams began at 8 in the morning, but that is obviously a lie. One of mine begins at 7:30 and the other begins at 7:15, and they are at UWGB, which is, like, a twenty-minute drive. Are you serious here? We should get our stupid college credits just for showing up. Especially since the 7:15 one is the morning after Concert on the Field.

Schultz was on a roll today. He said that Richard Nixon looked like Skeletor from He-Man on TV debates, and informed us that he has been riding the same bike since 7th grade. Who are you, Matthew Schultz? Seriously.

This is a very academic, school-y post. So I'm going to mix it up and tell you that Alex's locker totally looks like a trash compactor, and that Erin's dental procedures are the hottest thing I've ever seen.

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wendmar said...

I too am a student at Notre Dame Academy, and me and a friend found this blog trying to dig up something interesting on Mr. Matthew Schultz. This will do. I believe I have your idendity worked out, but I won't disclose it. ;].

thanks and keep up the good work.