Tuesday, October 7, 2008

here we are, here we are, here we are, we're still here

As much as I hate things like cramming for calculus and writing papers that are worth 25% of my semester grade, and as much as I sometimes want to punch my Party Shuffle on iTunes for only playing my dumbest, most embarrassing music, this morning they have decided to band together and form a truly beautiful playlist for studying, which I'm going to post here in lieu of real things to write about:

1. Jason Mraz- A Beautiful Mess
2. Elliott Smith- Punch and Judy
3. Elliott Smith- 2:45 AM (We are going to ignore that moment of poor shuffling because those are both awesome songs and I definitely don't bust out the Elliott enough.)
4. OK Go- It's a Disaster (I kind of wish this was "Television, Television" but oh well.)
5. The Strokes- 12:51
6. Weezer- We Are All On Drugs
7. Billy Joel- She's Got a Way
8. The Bravery- Split Me Wide Open
9. Beck- Readymade
10. Snow Patrol- Make This Go On Forever
11. Arctic Monkeys- Still Take You Home
12. Chairlift- Bruises (This is the song from the new iPod Nano commercial.)
13. Beck- Loser
14. Fiona Apple- Sleep to Dream
15. Sara Bareilles- Between the Lines
16. Sufjan Stevens- Out of Egypt, Into the Great Laugh...
17. PJ Harvey- We Float
18. Aidan Hawken- Neighborhood
19. Maroon 5- Wake Up Call (The one Maroon 5 song that I like, because it doesn't sound like every other Maroon 5 song.)
20. Amy Winehouse- Me and Mr. Jones
21. Aimee Mann- The Fall of the World's Own Optimist

Now, I'm sure you would only consider this a good playlist if you're insane like me, to which there are three components:
1. You require extraneous noise in order to be focused.
2. You enjoy a good mix of chill music (to keep you sane) and pump-up music (because intense academic strain is the closest you'll ever get to a marathon) when you study.
3. You are really not stressing about that paper but are starting to think you should just because everyone else is.

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Brigid said...

seriously great playlist. get a last.fm account so you can spend even more useless time playing with your music.