Monday, May 5, 2008

it's so nice to make fun of everything that i've lost

Well, today has been quite a day, with many lessons learned. The most notable lesson would probably be "take caution when asking a twin to prom", but secondarily would be my lesson of "don't let your deranged mom color your hair." Although I can un-do my lesson at a squeezed-in 3:45 appointment with a licensed, sober professional on Wednesday afternoon. That other one is more permanent, but also more entertaining.

Anyway. My first AP exam was this morning, and I was the only kid. (Not far off from my stepdad's estimated count of me "and two Asian nerds.") So it was just me and a proctor, hanging out in a conference room in the Green Bay Public Schools' District Office. Then the superintendent accosted me during my hallway break and I learned that he is only about two inches taller than me. That was an unexpected surprise.

Song recommendation, thanks to my newly-shuffly iTunes Party Shuffle: "On Your Wings" by Iron and Wine. Or, you know, really anything by Iron and Wine.

This afternoonish I received a really fancy and serious-looking housing envelope from SNC. I was expecting it to be formal notification of my room in the worst dorm building ever (I confused the two that start with B, and I put the wrong one down as my first choice. Oops.) But it was not. It was telling me that I need extra-long bedding, and that I should really buy extra-long bedding from this one specific company. I wish I could choose if I wanted an extra-long bed or a normal sized one, because, really, I am 5'2". That extra space is just minimizing space in my shoebox of a dorm.

Just a second. I'm going to go microwave spaghetti... happy Cinco de Mayo there, I guess?

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