Monday, April 14, 2008

gravity always wins and it wears him out

Why, hello children. Please don't expect anything too deep or profound from this blog. This is my newest writing/time-wasting endeavor, essentially a shrine to my newfound fourth-quarter inability to successfully perform menial academic tasks.

Actually, that "inability" thing is a complete lie, because I just read about fifteen websites that Wikipedia linked to about James Joyce (while I wasn't taking career aptitude quizzes.) Which was not overly exciting or useful in the scheme of my also-not-overly-exciting paper about Joyce and Catholicism. Oh, College Credit English, thank you for saving me from perpetual brain damage since the rest of my schedule is not conducive to critical thinking at all. That is not sarcastic at all, and I am likely the only person in the Class of 2008 thinking that previous sentence.

So, I need more shirts. This is because I recently decided to be a nice person and gave a large percentage of my wardrobe away (including a hunter green Notre Dame Academy polo and a pair of black leggings that I actually had needed to wear for the 80s dance, but that is because I am a moron and generally embarrassing.) But this weekend when Diana, Al, and I went down to Appleton in hopes of finding clothing that we needed, I failed at buying shirts. Instead, I bought one blazer. And I do not need more blazers. So does anyone know of a cute place to find reasonably priced, nice tops for women with the upper bodies of twelve-year-old boys?

Also embarrassing: I managed to fall down half the staircase at my mom's house this weekend. My mom lives in one of those crazy tiny old De Pere houses, and so the staircase is incredibly narrow and incredibly steep and, also, none of the stairs are the same height. So I slid halfway down it before I could catch myself, and although I was laughing really hard afterward, it was not nearly as humorous after sleeping on Diana's floor on Saturday night.

Although what was awesome at Diana's on Saturday night was that new Tostitos spinach dip, purchased from Kwik Trip, where the cashier thought that the four of us, in our truly cracked-out 80s Dance attire, had just come from prom. (Please note: Alex and Diana were wearing neon leotards with leggings and side ponytails.) And where a shady guy said "ouch" in reference to Brigid's personal appearance, followed by giving me elevator eyes and an "ayyyy, chica." So maybe that Christian Lifestyles video should have told us that Kwik Trip, and not church or the grocery store, is the place to meet quality dates.

More Wikipedia fun, this time for Brigid: I looked up "With or Without You." It was on Joshua Tree, which was released in 1987.

Concluding, borderline-meaningless quote of the day: "He's so entertaining. It's like sitting next to a rainbow."

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