Monday, November 10, 2008

oh, glittens, how glorious you are.

After a solid week of temperatures in the 60-70 range, winter is beginning here, which is unfortunate. I harbor a lot of resentment toward winter. I will spend the next three months bitching about how much better my life will be when I live somewhere warmer. Also, I am blaming this resentment for the fact that I have not updated in a substantial amount of time, even though that makes no sense, chronologically or otherwise.

Here is a continuation of some fun facts about college:
1. The girl who lives next door to us is a certified idiot. I really doubt that she even has the capacity to tie her own shoes. Do you know why I know this? Because she has dumb phone conversations as loud as biologically possible. She also has some loud sex on the weekends, which is just grand.
2. I miss legitimate food. Every day, I am like, "Hmmm. I could go for a steak that bleeds when I cut into it. I could go for some Nutella. I could go for some goat cheese. Maybe I can go home and make my mom make me macaroni and cheese. Oh, food."
3. Mondays are horrific.
4. Weekends are a shit-show.
5. Facebook sidebar ads creep on your profile and advertise things that do not exist (the reunion of Neutral Milk Hotel) or are just bizarre (REAL alpaca scarves, as opposed to all the impostors being sold all over Chinatown?)

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