Friday, October 10, 2008

roomie texting.

Sometimes, Lindsey and I are separated and left alone with no one with whom to share all our "hilarious" (funny to no one but ourselves) jokes and we have to carry out our weird room 300 obsessions via text message. This is what happened last night after I had to cover the Alumni Awards banquet for the college paper:

Me: HOLY SHIT. the banquet ended with a norbertine drinking song. and i mean 'literally sung by norbertine priests.'
Lindsey: hahahahahah that is amazing. i wish i could have seen that.
Me: i wish you could have seen it too. it was the greatest moment of my life.
Lindsey: lol. no. the greatest moment would be if tim gunn had sung the norbertine drinking song.
Me: SO TRUE! we would have died and gone to heaven. or purgatory.
Lindsey: you might go to purgatory. i'm sure there is a special place in hell for people where people who wasted their lives napping are forced to sleep all the time and that's where i'm going.
Me: i think we'll have to ask that great theologian gavin what irish italian female jesus would say about that. [Gavin is our Mormon friend. He comes to our dorm and talks our ear off about his theological beliefs.]
Lindsey: or jews for jesus possibly. i think their insight would be quite original.

"Jews for Jesus" dates back to a classic homeworking conversation in which we pondered if we, as Catholics, were essentially Jews for Jesus. Again: HILARIOUS to the two people who were there, not so much to anyone else. But I'm just keeping public record of the events because someday, the world might understand their awesomeness.

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Anonymous said...

Norbertines? Sounds for all the world like St. Nubs in West De Pere.