Tuesday, October 14, 2008

follow-up to that previous entry.

You'll be pleased to know that there's not a special circle of hell for constant nappers. We talked about it in my theology class and I didn't even bring it up.

Another hilarious roommate story from last night: My Facebook status was 'Kellie would stab someone for a good loaf of bread' because I was on the phone with D-Money being sentimental about our amazing food parties of French bread, brie/goat cheese, and gnocchi with pesto that made us gain three pounds each in one night. Lindsey comes home from a meeting, goes on Facebook, looks at me, points at her loaf of Wonderbread (and our new smelly contraband toaster) and goes, "Oh, so my bread isn't good enough for you now?"

Later that evening, she sent me a message on Facebook chat and turned around to talk to me in person at the same time.


Brigid said...

brenna and i skype each other in the room. nothing to be ashamed of.

Without a Clue 22 said...

well it wasnt exactly a meeting... but thanks for making me look like an over achiever .... when i definatly was not. and wonderbread is fffing awesome

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at your entry. Sounds like some of the hijinks that has gone on here at the office where I work.

Your blog title not only made me smile, but smile a lot.