Wednesday, May 7, 2008

religion should appeal to the hearts of the young

My hair is now infinitely better after my amazing hairdresser came to the rescue. I cannot even describe what a marked improvement this is. The nearly two hours it took to fix the damn thing was totally worth it.

Anyway, I have a confession to make: I completely abused my own power today. It's a really long story, but it's a good one. Maybe we will save it for another day. Except for this conversation:
"I really think you should go up there and talk to him."
"I really don't feel like doing that."
"It would be funny if you did... Hilarious, even."
"Okay, FINE. But only because I like you. I am not doing this for him."
"We don't care what your intentions are, we just care that you're doing it. Things are getting out of hand up there. Reed just threatened to lay his life down for the sake of the substitute's subbing career."

My mom called me six times while I was out to dinner tonight because she was concerned that I possibly had died. Do you remember that time when someone didn't pick up their cell phone for an hour and they managed not to be kidnapped or dead? Yeah, me too.

Anna: Diana, can you do me a huge favor?
Diana: Sure, what is it?
Anna: Can you drop me off at Titletown instead of at the Y?
Diana: Yeah, but that's not really a huge favor. A huge favor would be, like...
Anna: Like, will you be my surrogate mother?
Diana: Yep, pretty much.

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